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Uniform & Dress Code

Clay Road Baptist School has an established uniform and dress code for all students in grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.


Students are to be in full compliance with the uniform and dress code upon arrival to school. Parents are expected to know and understand the uniform and dress code and to monitor their child’s appearance. Failure to dress appropriately will result in a “Uniform Code Violation” form being sent home, with a section to be signed by a parent and returned to school the next day. If the violations continue, the child will be required to wait in the office while parents are notified to bring appropriate clothing to the school. Repeated uniform violations will be handled in an age-appropriate manner as determined by the principal.


Requests for exceptions to the uniform and dress code should be directed to the principal.




BOYS (K-Bridge through 4th):

· White oxford cloth short or long sleeve shirt*

· Navy slacks

· Navy woven leather belt (not required for Kindergarten)


BOYS (5th-8th):

· Blue and white stripe oxford cloth short or long sleeve shirt*

· Navy tie

· Khaki slacks

· Navy woven leather belt


GIRLS (Kindergarten-Bridge through 2nd):

· White puff sleeve short or long sleeve blouse with navy piped sleeve & collar

· Plaid jumper (no-waist style only)

· Modesty shorts

· White socks


GIRLS (3rd-4th):

· White short or long sleeve blouse with rounded collar

· Navy blue sleeveless pullover sweater-vest*

· Plaid skirt

· Modesty shorts

· White socks


GIRLS (5th-8th):

 · Blue and white stripe oxford cloth short or long sleeve shirt*

· Navy pleated skirt

· Navy snap tie

· Modesty shorts

· White socks


*To be monogrammed with “Clay Road Baptist School”.





- Navy or khaki shorts or slacks 

- Red or navy short or long sleeve pique polo shirt 

- Navy woven leather belt (not required for Kindergarten)



- Plaid, navy or khaki shorts

- Navy or khaki slacks

- Pleated navy, khaki or plaid skirt

- Navy, khaki or plaid skort

- Red or navy short or long sleeve pique polo shirt

- White middy blouse with plaid tie (the tie must be worn with this blouse)

- White 3/4 sleeve blouse

- Navy woven leather belt (required with shorts or pants)


Required t-shirt

All elementary and Middle School students are required to have the current spirit t-shirt. These will be available from the school office.


Polo Shirts: It is highly recommended that both a red and blue polo are purchased. For field trips, class or school events, one or the other color might be used.


Belts (navy woven leather) are required for clothing with belt loops for both girls and boys. All shorts must be no higher than 4” from the ground when measured while kneeling. Skirts and skorts must be no higher than 3” from the ground when measured while kneeling.


Shoes MUST have non-marking soles and closed toes. Athletic shoes are required for daily P.E. class. Sandals (including Crocs) and shoes with wheels, lights, charms or spinners are not permitted any day of the week, even on days when uniforms are not required. Any type of boots are not permitted, except on days when uniforms are not required. Socks are required every day.  "No-show" socks are not allowed; we must be able to see the socks above the shoe line.



For cooler weather, long sleeve oxford cloth and knit shirts recommended. Students wearing sweaters or jackets to school must keep in mind the uniform guidelines stated below concerning clothing worn during school.


Only outerwear listed below may be worn during school and on field trips. Other sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. may be worn to and from school and at recess, but are not to be worn over uniforms in the classrooms or Chapel.


· Navy cardigan

· Navy fleece jacket

· CRBS sweatshirts


Should cold weather necessitate bringing other outerwear, it must be stored in the student’s locker or in the classroom until dismissal at the end of the day. Girls may wear white or navy tights. Navy or white knee socks may also be worn. FOOTLESS LEGGINGS are not permitted.



  •  Shirts are to be tucked in, except girls’ white middy blouse and white ¾ sleeve blouse.

  •  Navy or white socks ONLY are required every day.

  •  T-shirts or undershirts worn under uniform shirts or blouses must be white with no writing or pictures.

  • All girls must wear navy or black modesty shorts (1” minimum length) under all dresses and skirts.

  • No skinny jeans or 'jeggings'. Pants and jeans must come up to natural waist and have a straight leg cut.

  • Earrings are to be limited to stud-type only.

  • Hair accessories must coordinate with the uniforms.

  • Hats, bandanas, scarves, feathers and sunglasses are not allowed during school.

  • There will be no holes in jeans, shorts or shoes.

  • Hair must be in the students’ natural color.

  • Extremes in hairstyles are not permitted.

  • Boys’ hair must not touch their collar and must be above their eyebrows.

  • Tattoos (including temporary tattoos) are not allowed.

  • Only Middle School (5th-8th) girls may wear make-up and must be kept to a minimum.

  • Stick-on or glue-on fake nails are not permitted.

  • Extremes (multi-colored nails, glitter, designs, etc.) in nail polish color are not permitted.

  • All uniform pieces should be clearly labeled with the child’s name.


Questions regarding hairstyles, hair color, jewelry and other uniform-related issues will be referred to the principal.



 The current CRBS spirit t-shirt (green) or Sport-A-Thon/Fun Run shirt may be worn on Fridays with plain (minimal design) denim blue jeans, blue jean capris, or blue jean shorts (no shorter than 4” above the knee) or skirts (no shorter than 3” above the knees); shorts are required under skirts. Uniform shirts will also be allowed with jeans; uniform pants, shorts, skirts, skorts may be worn with the Friday Option t-shirt.  Shirts are to be tucked in. Belts are required on Fridays. Outerwear remains the same as when uniforms are worn.



 All 5th – 8th grade students are required to wear the designated P. E. uniform during their physical education classes Monday through Friday.



 Teachers will determine field trip dress. For most field trips the current spirit t-shirt will be required.





- Slacks

- Shorts (no higher than 4” above knee)

- Jeans (clean and neat with no holes) 

- Shirts or t-shirts



- Dresses

- Skirts (no higher than 3" above knee)

- Split skirts/culottes (no higher than 3" above knee)

- Shorts (no higher than 4" above knee)

- Ankle or capri length pants or jeans

- Blouses or t-shirts


All shorts must be no higher than 4” from the ground when measured while kneeling. Skirts and skorts must be no higher than 3” from the ground when measured while kneeling. Tight fitting clothes are not permitted (i.e. bike shorts, tank tops, yoga pants)  Sweatpants, pajama pants or any type of 'loungewear' are not permitted. Midriff and shoulders must be covered at all times (shirts and tops must have sleeves). Modesty is a requirement at Clay Road Baptist School. Any messages on clothing that may be considered offensive will not be permitted. For questionable items, the principal will determine if clothing is appropriate for school wear.


Days when uniforms are not required will be determined by the principal.



 The Uniform Committee has agreed to a less expensive short and pant option for CRBS students.


The ‘George’ brand of boys’ slacks and shorts, in both navy and khaki, may be purchased at Wal-Mart. They are a quality pant made for durability.  Be sure to purchase the ones that don’t have additional pockets or zippers on the legs and that do have belt loops. These slacks and shorts are sold primarily during peak uniform buying season, summer through early fall.

If you have any questions as to whether you are making the correct selections, you may contact the school office or a member of the Uniform Committee.


Our ability to allow less costly options will continue only if parents and students honor the CRBS uniform requirements. This policy will be reviewed annually by the Uniform Committee.