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Summer Reading Program

Clay Road Baptist School would like to encourage our students to read and write this summer. A list of great books for students is provided. Students will receive incentive coupons for each book report written. Here is how it works.


Your child selects a book from the list and reads it. Middle School students must read the required book, but they can still earn the coupons.

1. Your child completes the written book report assignment (see below).

2. Your child turns in the attached form and receives two coupons for each report submitted. (A five-point bonus coupon that may be added to any test grade during the first nine weeks- one coupon will be allowed per test. The second coupon entitles the child to a free snack item in the lunchroom. All coupons have an expiration date.)

3. Forms are due to your child’s teacher by August 31st.

4. Your child should also take an AR test when he/she returns to school.


To earn coupons:

1st - 4th grade will need to read one book from the lists and complete the attached form. (You are welcome to make copies as needed, and the form is available below)

Summer Reading Book Report - Grades 1 - 4

5th - 8th grade students will need to read the required book and complete the attached form.

Summer Reading Book Report - Grades 5 - 8





Mrs. Jakobsen Summer Reading Picks 


Students Entering 1st-8th Grade

Students may read from the grade they are entering or from any of the grades above.


1st through 8th Grade Summer Reading List