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Principal / Administrator- Full Time

Location: Clay Road Baptist School



The Principal/Administrator is the overseer of the school, spiritually, educationally, and administratively.  He/She is the chief administrator to whom all of the school's professional and non-professional staff is accountable and He/She serves under the leadership of the CRBS Board.  The administration and supervision of the educational activities of the school are delegated by the Board to the Administrator to carry out in accord with the adopted policies.

The Administrator shall reflect the purpose of the school, which is to honor Christ in every class and in every activity.


  • Affirms he/she is a "born again" Christian who knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

  • The Principal/Administrator accepts without verbal or mental reservations the Statement of Faith, the Vision, Mission, and Educational Philosophy and Objectives of Clay Road Baptist School and is committed to upholding them.

  • Acceptance without reservation the doctrinal beliefs of Clay Road Baptist Church & Clay Road Baptist School.

  • The Principal/Administrator acknowledges that he/she is fully aware of his/her obligation under state law regarding child abuse reporting requirements and that he/she will fulfill those obligations.

  • 3-5 years of administrative leadership experience in a Christian school, a bachelor's degree is required, MAED preferred.

CRBS Vision Statement:

Clay Road Baptist School's vision is to partner with parents to provide a safe and compassionate learning environment, creating self-motivated learners equipped with academic excellence, biblical knowledge, and the transforming power of a Kingdom education.

CRBS Mission Statement:

In partnership with parents, Clay Road Baptist School strives to fulfill its vision by offering

  • A faith-based curriculum purposely integrated and technology enhanced

  • A qualified faculty who demonstrate their faith in Christ

  • Engaging instructional activities that address individual learning styles

  • A positive, nurturing and focused learning environment

  • Opportunities for service in the school, church, and community


Applicants must submit an application, current state credential, resume, transcripts and three references. Applicants will be asked to share a statement of faith and submit a formal application. Applicants must be a regular attender or member of a Christ centered Bible based church.


Clay Road Baptist School does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practice on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

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Nathan Hailey


9151 Clay Road