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Mission & Vision Statements

“But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”


Clay Road Baptist is part of the total program of Clay Road Baptist Church for children. The curriculum is consistent with the Baptist church philosophy of child development. As such, all subjects are taught from a Christian perspective as teachers intentionally integrate the Christian faith into the total curriculum.


Vision Statement

Clay Road's Vision is to partner with parents to develop self-motivated students equipped with academic excellence, biblical knowledge and values based on a Christian worldview.



We strive to fulfill this vision, in partnership with parents, by offering:

1.  A faith based curriculum purposely integrated and technologically enhanced

2.  A qualified faculty who demonstrates their faith in Christ

3.  Engaging instructional activities addressing individual learning styles

4.  A positive nurturing and focused learning environment

5.  Opportunities for service in the school, church, and community



Early Childhood Education



To produce young people with a love of learning, a love of Jesus and a love for one another.



To fulfill our vision by offering instruction which is Christ centered, developmentally appropriate, varied and holistic in approach, hands-on based and within a safe and compassionate environment.


Spiritual Enrichment

As Christian instruction is at the very heart of our mission, there are several ways we encourage spiritual development. Beginning in preschool, students participate in chapel services, memorize scripture verses, learn Bible stories, recite the American, Bible and Christian Flag pledges, and pray together. Students also participate in the National Day of Prayer and the See You at the Pole ceremony. Additionally, Bible is taught as an academic subject at all grade levels. A prerequisite of all school faculty is a personal relationship with Christ and active involvement in his/her home church. We believe that relationship to be a vital instrument in handling everyday classroom situations.

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