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Early Childhood Education

5 Day / 3 Day / 2 Day Per Week Options
Year Round Program

Full Day: 7:00AM - 6:00PM
School Day: 8:00AM - 3:00PM

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Infant Program (6 weeks – 12 months)

Our Infant Program provides a loving and nurturing environment. Clay Road’s main goal is to have parents and infants develop a sense of security and trust.

Our infant room is devoted solely to the care of the infant. It is an environment rich in sensory stimulation with a highly responsive staff.
Our staff is trained to give immediate attention to the needs of the infant.

Daily reports are sent home and parent contact is an essential part of the program. It is a caring, nurturing environment where your infant will receive extraordinary care.

First Steps Room (12 months – 18 months)

To provide a gentle transference from our infant room to our toddler program, we offer a transitional experience called the First Steps room. It is for children from 12 months to 18 months of age. We believe this is a more caring and kinder way of having the child make the change to the next level of care. Again, the staff is trained specifically to respond to the needs of these older infants. It is a program rich in movement, music and tactile experience.

Young Toddler Program (18 months - 24 months)

The toddler is helped to move towards independence; to learn to do things autonomously with loving support, and positive reinforcement.The relationship between the caregiver and the child is of extreme importance to the Young Toddler. The children and parents are warmly greeted by name when entering the room. The children are given ample time to settle into the group.

The adults work patiently with the children to help guide them in controlling their own behavior and impulses. The children are acknowledged for their accomplishments and given positive feedback.

Toddler Program (24 months - 36 months)

Our caregivers are trained to give the toddler the gentle encouragement needed for them to be comfortable. Because it is so important that they trust the adults who are caring for them, we are flexible, but predictable, in our scheduling so the children feel secure. The schedule is dictated more by the children’s needs than by the adults.

Transitions are smooth and unhurried giving the child time to acclimate to change. The staff works cooperatively with parents sharing with them some of the positive and interesting things that have happened during the day. Our Staff has training in child development/early childhood education specific to toddlers.

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