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Early Childhood Education

Infant Program (6 weeks – 12 months)

Our Infant Program provides a loving and nurturing environment. Clay Road’s main goal is to have parents and infants develop a sense of security and trust.

Our infant room is devoted solely to the care of the infant. It is an environment rich in sensory stimulation with a highly responsive staff.
Our teachers are trained to give immediate attention to the needs of the infant.

Daily reports are sent home and parent contact is an essential part of the program. Our teachers work with your infant's schedule for a smooth transition between home and school.

First Steps Room (12 months – 18 months)

To provide a gentle transference from our infant room to our toddler program, we offer a transitional experience called the First Steps room. The children begin to move from individual schedules to one schedule for the whole class. The First Steps teacher is trained specifically to respond to the needs of these older infants. It is a program rich in movement, music, and tactile experience.

Young Toddler Program (18 months - 24 months)

The toddler is helped to move towards independence; to learn to do things autonomously with loving support and positive reinforcement. The relationship between the teacher and the child is of extreme importance to the Young Toddler. In Young Toddlers, the teachers work with the children on social, verbal, and motor skills.

The adults work patiently with the children to help guide them in controlling their own behavior and impulses. The children are acknowledged for their accomplishments and given positive feedback.

Toddler Program (24 months - 35 months)

Transitions are smooth and unhurried giving the child time to become responsible and more independent throughout the year. The teachers work cooperatively with the children to provide the best experience. The independence a toddler gains through our program prepares them for our Preschool experience.


PreK-2 (2 years old before September 1st)


PreK-2 is where the children from Early Child Care promote to our Preschool Program. In PreK-2, the teachers work with the children to potty train, develop self-help skills, verbal communication, and social skills. Daily reports are sent home, and a weekly newsletter and monthly calendar are provided for parent-teacher communication.


PreK-3 (3 years old before September 1st)


Our PreK-3 program develops a love for learning. The children are taught letter recognition and sounds, math, science, and fine motor skills to prepare for the next stages in developmental learning. Our PreK-3 students begin to attend chapel weekly and learn memory verses to hide God's Word in their hearts.


PreK-4 (4years old before September 1st)


PreK-4 is where the children prepare for success in kindergarten. The children work on writing their capital and lower case letters, sight words, counting to 100, and more! The hands-on approach to learning is a fun way to engage the children to instill a lifetime of love for education.