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Annual Fund FAQ

Detailed Annual Fund information is below. You may also click on the CRBS Annual Fund Brochure to download a printable version to share with others. Know you want to give now? Click here for online giving.


What is Annual Giving?


"…the custom of making a yearly gift to an organization in which one has faith. It is a friendly, happy custom, a perennial reunion in spirit, a pooling of hope and good wishes by those who wish the institution well.” - Benjamin Franklin


Why Do We Need The Annual Fund? Why not just raise tuition?


As a private Christian school, Clay Road Baptist School operates without financial support from local, state and federal governments. Tuition and fees do not cover the true cost of a CRBS education. We are committed to keep tuition lower than cost in order to make Christian education available to a greater number of students. For independent schools, Annual Giving is a tax-deductible way to ensure educational excellence.


Why an Annual Fund?


As an independent school, Clay Road Baptist School has two forms of operating income: tuition and charitable contributions. 92% of the CRBS budget is funded by tuition. The remaining 8% is funded by voluntary giving (formerly pledges made at the Annual Fund Dinner). The Annual Fund Campaign will replace Celebration and is the "norm" for most independent schools and is the largest, most important fund raiser of the school year.


Where are the funds used?


Independent schools like CRBS, rely on annual giving to maintain operations and support the operating budget, which includes instructional materials, programming, equipment and technology, as well as faculty salaries, faculty development and facility maintenance. Gifts to the Annual Fund also help the Financial Aid Fund. 10% of what the Annual Fund raises goes into the Financial Aid Fund.


Who supports the Annual Fund?


Parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff and many foundations and corporations all come together to support the Annual Fund and ensure the financial health of the institution. Parents and grandparents of current and former students, alumni, friends, faculty, staff, the School Board and Clay Road Baptist Church Members all contribute to the CRBS Annual Fund. The School Board and faculty will lead off the fund drive initiative this year with 100% participation in strong support of the mission of Clay Road Baptist School.


Why is my participation important?


Financial gifts from CRBS families, extended families, friends, and the Clay Road Baptist Church Community are essential to our continued mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the first question that most outside constituencies ask before making a gift is, "What do your Board, staff and parents contribute?" It is so important that we show support from within before we go to outside sources for contributions. Participation in the CRBS Annual Fund demonstrates to others that we, as one of the closest groups to the School, support our mission. What better way to motivate other groups to give?


Does 100% parent participation really matter?


YES! Meeting the participation goal is as important as meeting our overall financial goal. Parent participation is an important criterion for requesting grants from corporations and foundations. Before outside funding sources such as foundations will consider donating their dollars to CRBS, they want to know that CRBS families, faculty, board members and staff are supporters as well. A gift to the annual fund is a vote of confidence, a sign that parents invest in their children's welfare and support the school's mission.


How much should I give?


Every gift counts. Some families will be able to give more than others. Our prayer is that every family in the school will participate in some way - not with equal gifts but with equal sacrifice and commitment. Maximizing participation is our goal. Annual Fund gifts range in size from $10 to well over $10,000. A gift in any amount is important and appreciated as it demonstrates the donor's commitment to the students, staff and mission of Clay Road Baptist School . We hope that all members of our school community recognize that their support is critical and will make an Annual Fund contribution to ensure the success of CRBS.


How do I make a Gift To The CRBS Annual Fund?


Gifts made to Clay Road Baptist School are tax deductible. Donors will also be recognized on our Support CRBS link. All donations are greatly appreciated and considered a blessing from the Lord.


Donations may be made online or you may send your cash or check to the school office. Checks can be made payable to Clay Road Baptist School


Annual Fund Pledges or Donations can be sent to:  Clay Road Baptist School 9151 Clay Road Houston, TX 77080.